Having received their first contracts at LAX in 2014, Altitude has now completed more than a dozen projects across all terminals.  “We began in the Tom Bradley International Terminal” commented VP of Business Development Josh Evans.  “Since then our presence at LAX has grown rapidly along with our client base.  It is a real testament to the hard work and professionalism of our team”.  Projects ranging from simple remote storage rooms to high-end restaurants have all been delivered on time and on budget which is no small feat given the complexity and inherent challenges of working at one of the world’s busiest airports.  “It’s not your normal building environment” stated LAX project manager Ryan King on Friday.  “The additional challenges of logistics, work hours and security are exponentially more difficult here.”

Despite the rigors of the work environment, Altitude has been able not only to succeed but to thrive.  “Our success boils down to our mantra of BUILD” said Altitude President Brian Wilson.  “Be Proactive, United Front, Improvise Adapt and Overcome, Lead from the Front and Deliver”.  “We have great people working at this company who have committed to that and the growth we have seen both in terms of revenue and client base, is a direct result of that commitment.  We believe that our clients want a partner who understands their needs, is transparent and good at what they do.  We have that in spades and apparently word has spread”.

Altitude’s remarkable success at LAX shows no signs of slowing as they recently announced the award of two more large projects in Terminals 1 and 3 with two NEW customers.

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